All Busted shirts are conceptual and a first impression may be that of a colourful shirt but all carry a deeper message.

All shirts carry positive thought provoking statements.

All Busted shirts are Silk Screen printed by hand in England onto
Organic Cotton, Organic Hemp or Organic Cotton/Bamboo mix.

All T’s are sustainabley manufactured. This is the creation of manufactured products through economically sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.


Busted production is driven by demand avoiding wasteful over production.
The designs are printed based on fashion to order.
If more is requested and there is demand we go to print.
Ethical Fashion – we never over produce.
We are not driven by Seasons or Current trends.

High quality garments made with good intention.

Ur wearing it
Ur saying it
Wear with attitude
Wear to believe in


Busted was founded in 2010.
The name came from what seemed obvious, a statement across your bust! Busted!
This got me thinking – most T’s are saying something across the bust but what about the back? What if you don’t see the front?
As a Londoner you take the tube. Sometimes they are so packed you only ever see the back of someone,,,,,, the back of the shirt is just as important.
Makes for a more comfortable read!

Starting out and sourcing suppliers of T’s I came across some Hemp shirts.
This inspired a conceptual line in designing.
My first x 2 designs were on Organic Hemp/Cotton jersey and featured Jimi Hendrix & Howard Marks.

Howard Marks got to see a shirt and commissioned it for merchandise.
Both wearing my shirt on stage at his live shows and selling them put a different angle on the Busted Label.
Busted was now being promoted by one of the most busted men on the planet, the legendary Howard Marks.
From there Busted took on another meaning and inspired The Hemp Collection. Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Superhigh and the Stones.
Please see the Gallery page.
Howard came to wear my shirt on stage at all his live shows and several films feature him wearing it.
God bless that man!

Conceptual in their design with positive thought provoking statements.
All Busted shirts are full of colour but carry a deeper message.